Caring for your trees

Planting trees can be a costly investment and they should be protected by proper training. The easiest and most inexpensive way to ensure your trees grow to be old and beautiful is to prune them when they are young. Training by pruning - or trimming - young trees promotes good form and structure and is essential to the future health of your trees. Many future problems, such as limb failure during storms, can be avoided if trees are properly pruned at an early age.

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Established trees are pruned for many different reasons. If a tree has been properly trained at a young age, some light corrective pruning to remove potentially poor branching can help maintain their already good structure. Medium and large trees can also be pruned to remove hazards such as deadwood and broken limbs. In addition, larger trees can be pruned to alleviate clearance issues and improve aesthetics.

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Pruning of shrubs is usually done to maintain their growth. Shearing can create a formal look, while selective hand pruning will give the shrub a more natural look. Depending on the plant and its location, one or both may be appropriate choices.


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